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30 June
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Hi. I'm Henrickson, known in real life as Henry W. This journal is for random/unimportant stuff and slices of my personal life — in other words, this is my personal online diary. However, I'm using more my account to manage the X-Plane community on LJ, xplane, and to write comments on other people's journals.

I don't hang around LJ a lot. Here are my usual hotspots:

  • deviantART.com as Henrickson
  • YouTube.com as Henrickson1
  • Otakuthon forums as Henrickson
  • Cosplay.com as Henrickson
  • Facebook as myself
  • X-Plane.org forums as Henrickson
  • XPFW.net forums as Henrickson
  • Wikipedia.org (English) as User:Henrickson

  • Vous pouvez m'écrire en français, si vous voulez. Je suis parfaitement à l'aise tant en anglais qu'en français. That said, some of my posts will contain both English and French text, depending on who I want to talk to / the general situation at hand.

    Feel free to add me as friend. I'll friend you back as a compliment.

    A good quote:
    I love genuine people. I'm sick to death of encountering bad, lying, deceiftul, selfish folks. Truth is a beautiful thing, and it's sad that it's so rarely seen. I'm not much of anything... but I know I'm honest. Especially when it counts. Especially when it gets me into trouble. Especially when it means losing someone that's important to me. Because truth is bigger than all that, or at least it should be. I will not compromise who I am or what I believe in to please you or to feed your ego. Chances are you do enough of that on your own... we all do.

    Note: My journal currently contains a few friend-locked entries (mainly about girls (and the problems I'm having with them), future plans or limited-access information), but the rest should be public.

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